Seminar: Atomistic simulation of materials: A molecular dynamics study

We invite all interested people to attend the seminar at PIAS, Phenikaa University, given by:

Speaker:  Assoc. Prof. Lê Văn Vinh,

                Faculty of Information Technology,  Phenika University

                 Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study, Phenika University

Time: 14:30, Friday, 10/01/2020.

Address: Room 601, A1 Building, Phenikaa University
Yên Nghĩa, Hà Đông, Hà Nội

Title:  Atomistic simulation of materials: A molecular dynamics study

An introduction to molecular dynamics simulation of materials is presented. The way to construct an atomistic model of materials is presented in the detail. The structural analysis and the calculations of physical properties such as mechanical behavior and thermal conductivity also are presented.