Asia Computational Materials Design Workshop 2018, Viet Nam

Asia CMD®Workshop 2018, Vietnam

Computational materials design (CMD®) is a computational approach aimed at developing new materials with specified properties and functionalities. The basic ingredient is the use of quantum simulations to solve the materials science problems in order to design a material that suits this specification.  CMD® has proved its high potentiality to impact the real industrial research and development.

With the purpose of imparting the quantum simulations techniques, Asia CMD® Workshop (ACMD) has been organized in Vietnam from 2009 with the cooperation of Osaka University and universities in Vietnam for many times. In 2018, ACMD will be held at Thanh Tay Institute for Advanced Study – Thanh Tay University.

This workshop will provide lectures on cutting-edge researches in computational material design as well as hands-on practical training on quantum simulation. The lectures will also cover an overview of possible role of CMD ® in Vietnam, techniques of electronic structure calculations together with their applications to design new functional materials for catalysis, fuel cells, and batteries. And the software owners on the hands-on practical training courses will introduce several simulation packages, which provide efficient first-principles electronic calculation and molecular dynamics simulation.

Venue: Thanh Tay Institute for Advanced Study – Thanh Tay University, 167 Hoang Ngan, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Date:  November 27 – 29, 2018.

Organized by:

  • Thanh Tay Institute for Advanced Study (TIAS) – Thanh Tay University
  • Osaka University (OU)
  • Vietnam Japan University, Vietnam National University – Hanoi (VJU-VNU)
  • Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (AIST) – Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • College of Science, Vietnam National University – Hanoi (VNU)
  • Vietnamese Theoretical Physics Society (VTPS)

Sponsored by:

  • National Foundation for Science & Technology Development
  • Center for the Advancement of Research and Education Exchange Networks in Asia (CAREN)


  • Yoshitada Morikawa (OU)
  • Do Van Nam (TIAS)

Organizing Committee:

  • Oguchi Tamio (OU)
  • Nghiem Thi Minh Hoa (TIAS)
  • Nguyen Duy Huy (VNU)
  • Pham Thanh Huy (AIST)
  • Dinh Van An (VJU-VNU)


  • Tamio Oguchi (OU)
  • Yoshitada Morikawa (OU)
  • Wilson Agerico Dino (OU)
  • Kazunori Sato (OU)
  • Dam Hieu Chi (JAIST)
  • Dang The Hung (TIAS)
  • Dinh Van An (VJU-VNU)


  • Sayoko Sakai (OU)
  • Kanae Yamaguchi (OU)
  • Le Hoang Anh (TIAS)

Tentative schedule:

November 27, 2018: Machikaneyama-KKR by Prof. Kazunori Sato

November 28, 2018: HiLAPW by Prof. Tamio Oguchi

November 29, 2018: STATE-Senri by Prof. Yoshitada Morikawa

Deadline for Registration:  October 10, 2018


  • Participants are requested to bring their own laptop for practice.
  • Participants who attend and complete the course will receive the CMD® certificates.