Nguyễn Văn Duy, PhD.
Nguyễn Văn Duy

Basic infomations

  • Affiliation: Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study (PIAS), Phenikaa University
  • Position: Postdoc
  • Work address:
  • Department/Group at PIAS: Physics of low-dimensional electronic systems
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  • Cell phone: +84-357382216
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  • Bachelor/Engineer
    • Years: 2007-2011
    • Academic institutions: Hanoi National University of Education
    • Major/ Specialty: Physics (Hons)
    • Project/Thesis:
    • Academic degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Master
    • Years: 2012-2014
    • Academic institutions: University of Science and Technology of Hanoi
    • Major/ Specialty: Material Science and NanoTechnology
    • Project/Thesis:
    • Academic degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • PhD
    • Years: 2014-2018
    • Academic institutions: Grenoble Alpes University, France
    • Major/ Specialty: Physics
    • Project/Thesis:
    • Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Research works

  • Main research orientation: 2D materials; Machine learning in Materials Science; Superconducting Quantum Circuits; Quantum Computing
  • Orientation for research students:
    1/ Electronic, transport and optical properties of 2D materials:
    - Optical properties of monolayer and bilayer graphene (Read more:
    2/ Quantum algorithms and Quantum programming
    3/ Superconducting Quantum Circuits
    - Superconducting qubits
    - Josephson parametric amplifiers
  • List all the research grants/projects received:
    2 Develop new transition-metal-rare-earth materials for permanent magnets by machine learning Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) 09/2019-08/2021 Main Researcher
    1 Quantum algorithm and quantum measurement using cloud quantum computation platform Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU, Hanoi) 01/2020-12/2021 Main Researcher
  • Publications:
    5 Article(s) in ISI-covered journals
    5.3 Inhomogeneous Josephson junction chains: a superconducting meta-material for superinductance optimization DV Nguyen, DM Basko The European Physical Journal Special Topics 1951-6355 2017
    5.2 Dissipation in a superconducting artificial atom due to a single nonequilibrium quasiparticle DV Nguyen, G Catelani, DM Basko Physical Review B 2469-9950 2017
    5.1 Kerr nonlinearity in a superconducting Josephson metamaterial Yu Krupko, VD Nguyen, Thomas Weißl, É Dumur, J Puertas, R Dassonneville, C Naud, FWJ Hekking, DM Basko, O Buisson, N Roch, W Hasch-Guichard Physical Review B 2469-9950 2018
    4 Article(s) in other international journals
    3 National/International Conference(s)
    3.1 Machine Learning Representation for Atomic Forces and Energies Tien-Lam Pham, Van-Duy Nguyen, Tien-Cuong Nguyen International Workshop on High Performance Computing System and Applications 2019
    2 Article(s) in national scientific journals
    2.1 Real-Space Approach for the Electronic Calculation of Twisted Bilayer Graphene Using the Orthogonal Polynomial Technique Hoang Anh Le, Van Thuong Nguyen, Van Duy Nguyen, Van-Nam Do, Si Ta Ho Communications in Physics 0868-3166 2019
    1 Others (monographs, patents, scientific awards, ...)
  • Submitted:

Training works

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