Trương Thanh Tùng, Ph.D.
Trương Thanh Tùng

Basic infomations

  • Affiliation: Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study; Faculty of Pharmacy; Phenikaa University
  • Position: Group Leader
  • Work address: R607, Building A1, Phenikaa University
  • Department/Group at PIAS: Drug Design and Pharmacology
  • Email:
  • Cell phone: Private
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  • Bachelor/Engineer
    • Years: 2012
    • Academic institutions: Hanoi University of Pharmacy
    • Major/ Specialty: Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmacy
    • Project/Thesis: HDACi
    • Academic degree: PharmD
  • Master
    • Years: 2014
    • Academic institutions: Seoul National University
    • Major/ Specialty: Chemistry
    • Project/Thesis: Diversity-Oriented Synthesis; Peptides
    • Academic degree: Msc
  • PhD
    • Years: 2017
    • Academic institutions: University of Copenhagen
    • Major/ Specialty: Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Project/Thesis: Fluorine Chemistry; Pma1p; Quorum Sensing.
    • Academic degree: Ph.D.

Research works

  • Main research orientation: Computational Chemistry; Drug Design; Synthetic Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Orientation for research students:
    Drug designing; Docking; Organic Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Synthesis; Fluorine Chemistry; Drug Discovery And Development.
  • List all the research grants/projects received:
  • Publications:
  • Submitted:

Training works

  • Teaching subjects:
  • Former students:
    2 Mujtaba Kamal A. Hassan Msc University of Copenhagen
    1 Jacob Sørensen Msc University of Copenhagen
  • Current students:
    1 Peter Hansen Msc University of Copenhagen