Directorate letter


We have lived through the period in which the country has experienced a strong and rapid economic growth. It is now necessary to build and consolidate a highly qualified human resource to serve the country.

The University is the place where such high-level labor and innovation resource are formed. As recognized in all countries, the quality of teaching at university is strongly correlated to the quality of the research led in the latest fields of science. Accordingly, in parallel with the implementation of appropriate infrastructure, including finance, policy and management systems, modern universities must strongly focus on the development their labor resource, with the objective that each faculty member should have a high level of knowledge and skill, together with high responsibility and good living standards.

The question now is: how to gather such a high-level human resource in a university?

As we all know, for several years Vietnamese youth has increasingly been looking for good education and training conditions. A large number of talented students have had the opportunity to go abroad for training to get high qualification. Most of these young researchers made significant and recognized contributions to different fields of science. However, after having been in contact with international cultural and scientific environments, it is then difficult for them to make a decision between “stay abroad” or “come back”, when they have to seek to find balance among many dimensions of life.

In this context, Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study (PIAS) is established with the idea of creating an environment of high scientific level, both in line with international standards and suitable for scientists’ life, including the safety for their family. Accordingly, at PIAS the development of high-level research groups made of well-motivated and well-paid researchers with appropriate facilities is the preliminary step towards building training programs adapted to today’s youth and society.

We thus encourage you to contact us directly. We hope to receive your support so that we can develop an understanding of each other. Talented scientists will be warmly welcome to join us, to share our fundamental values and then to make our best to add our contribution to the development of the country.

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you at PIAS,

 Van-Nam DO, PhD., Director