High Energy Physics and Cosmology Group

1. Present members

2. Present collaborations

  • Prof. Dr. Jose W. F. Valle, AHEP Group, Spain.
  • Prof. Dr. Dao Tien Khoa, INST, Vietnam.
  • Prof. Dr. Farinaldo S. Queiroz, IIP, Brazil.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Thi Huong, IOP, Vietnam.

3. Outline and research interests

  • The high energy physics and cosmology (HEPC) research area covers objects: particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology. Hence, the research regime ranges from the Planck scale where the Bigbang has begun/derived by quantum gravity, expanding to sizes of elementary particles governed by the standard model, then to the cosmic large scale structure established by the standard cosmology.
  • The questions/hypotheses to be addressed, but not restricted to, include neutrino mass, baryon asymmetry, dark matter, dark energy, inflation, anomalies in particle collisions (also in decays, oscillations) and properties, hierarchies, flavor physics/symmetry, charge quantization, strong CP, grand/partial unifications, supersymmetry, extradimension, Peccei-Quinn symmetry, lepton/baryon numbers, R-parity, leptogenesis, bigbang cosmology, quantum gravity, and string.

4. Plan

To promote the HEPC research and training at Phenikaa University, we are building the following research groups:

  • High Energy Physics-theory
  • High Energy Physics-phenomenology
  • High Energy Physics-experiment
  • Cosmology