New article of the physics of electrons in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

On April 19, Do Van-Nam and Le Hoang Anh together with a colleague, Dario Bercioux, published an article about the evolution patterns of electrons in a typical 2D van der Waals material system. The material system consists of two graphene layers stacked together via the lego principle and is called Twisted Bilayer Graphene (TBG). To describe the motion of electrons, the team performed analyzes of the symmetries of the atomic lattice and linked them to the pattern of probability density distribution that found electrons in the real lattice space according to the time evolution. The authors have shown a connection between the motion characteristics of electrons in this 2D van der Waals system similar to the oscillation behavior of neutrino, or the precession motion of Dirac fermions in a non-Abelian gauge vector field. Along with many interesting discoveries about the physical properties of the twisted bilayer graphene systems, this study shows that the physics of electrons in this material platform is extremely rich, and particularly, allows the connection of physics in extremely short and long length scales. The study also suggests ways to control the electronic properties of the material system from acquiring physical understandings of electrons in the system. The article is published in Physical Review B – one of the most prestigious magazines of international physics.