Research and Education programs

A. Research fields

Our research activities focus on the fundamental level in the following fields:

1. Physics

  • Physics of low-dimensional electronic systems;
  • Physics of strongly correlated electronic systems;
  • High energy physics and Quantum field theory.

2. Materials Science

  • Computational material science;
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

3. Electronics, Optoelectronics, Photonics

  • Electronic materials, photonic materials;
  • Device physics and IC design.

4. Environmental Science

  • Materials for treating polution and toxics of air, water and solid;
  • Water purification and filtering.

5. Medical science

  • Biomaterials, orthopedic materials;
  • Drug and drug delivery systems.

6. Energy Science – Energy materials

  • Materials for energy storage;
  • Materials for energy conversion.

7. Data science

  • Data analysis, datamining;
  • Artificial neural network, deep learning, machine learning;
  • Artificial intelligence.

B. Education

Our activities in education aim at contributing the values of scientists to community:

  1. Design and involve in training programs under the coordination of Thanh Tay University;
  2. Design and operate sometraining programs of master and PhD levels;
  3. Organize short-term training programs, e.g., summer and winter schools, with lectures given by invited scientists;
  4. Organize the internship and exchange programs for students of TIAS as well as students of partners;
  5. Organize scientific conferences, workshops, and other academic events.